What is the purpose of life?

For Day 9 of Blogging 101, we are to write a post about someone we engaged in from our Day 8 assignment (share the love, so to speak).  There were so many I ran across and now I have so many more bloggers I am following.

I think people tend to seek out people like themselves. At least I have observed this in my life’s journey’s. I did seek out others who were very different from me, and guess what? I found many similarities! I love it when that happens.

But I am also seeking those who I can encourage, give hope or at least inspire. So I found this blog, “What is the purpose of life?” If you know me, you know I would seek this person out as I have a pretty good grip on what the purpose is of life. You see, I was seeking it earnestly myself in my late teens and early 20s.

So, let me introduce you to Lydia, who goes by the pen name, Aidyl. Her name spelled backwards. I appreciate her honesty and her style. I would love to engage in further discussions, but for now, we will read each other’s blogs. And the fact she read mine and appreciated it is a plus!

I invite you to check her out and show her some love! Hmmm, and that is one purpose of life I believe.


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