Simplicity as July’s Blogging 101 ends….and new beginning


This was a Christmas gift from my sister in law, three years ago. Who knew how seriously I’d take it and now we have a very simple life!

I’m a minimalist. It’s taken me nearly a lifetime to learn what is important and what is not.  My husband and I are now retired and we travel full time, living in a motor home. Nearly everything we own is with us in a few hundred square feet. And we love it. It gives us more time for the things that are really important in life. For us right now, much of our time is centered around our daughter’s home while we await our second grandchild. In fact, it was when she had her first child that we became travelers. Now it’s hard to want to travel because we’re loving the adventure of being grandparents.

We started a blog to share about our marital experiences because we have a unique story to share. But as we began to travel more, we changed our focus to our exciting adventurous travels. Now I’d like to help people discover truth and righteousness!

There is a part of me that still wants to focus on my own personal spiritual journey and that is what this blog is about. I want to know more about the Lord and how He is speaking to others and how He can use me to reach others who may be seeking truth and righteousness.

But I also want to learn about others and their journeys in this life. But I had no idea how Blogging 101 would expose me to so many others, so many so different from me but yet, we have a common bond. If we met waiting for a plane or train, we may exchange pleasantries….but would we get to know each other intimately? I really enjoy learning about others and Blogging 101 has done this for me.

When my husband and I remarried nearly 26 years ago after our divorce, we had two young high school students sing a beautiful and simple song. Here is a similar rendition and that’s really what it’s all about. To understand, I guess you have to be in the right place at the right time.

I never completed my blogging 101 assignments for various reasons. They are not important now. But I do know, I need to finish what I’ve started here. So I’m signing up to take the course again….and I hope to finish what has been started.


My dear husband guiding our grandson to our car after lunch out. How precious is this?

3 thoughts on “Simplicity as July’s Blogging 101 ends….and new beginning

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