He’s so fine!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “He’s (She’s) So Fine.”

I saw this prompt on a new blogging friend’s site. Her story of how she met her husband was interesting. I think mine is, too! I like the title of her post, “Fate” as that fits us….but I’ll stick with the prompt!

I had just completed my junior year of college. I wrote about the day my life changed when two young former prostitutes visited me. If you missed it, read here.

Part of my depression was that all my friends were in meaningful relationships and were getting married. I had a love of my life, but he cheated on me, but we were just kids. So enter my new life in a Christian street-evangelistic ministry called Christ is the Answer.

And then I saw the one, for me, the perfect man (I love the post this links too…excellent writer I met in July’s Blogging 101). And that was now 40 years ago and we still have as much love for each as we did when we started our journey with each other. And now we travel full-time in our motor home and are living happily ever after, as we enjoy as much time as possible with our grandson (and are waiting for our second one.)


Aren’t we a couple of characters in our smashed hats?

9 thoughts on “He’s so fine!

      • I also meant to say we are generations apart, too. But your writing takes me back to your age and I can relate!
        What I loved most about Blogging 101 was finding someone so different from myself and my “world” but yet we can relate! Maybe there is hope for world peace! If we just share from our hearts without seeing each other-where our prejudices would say, “I can’t relate to someone who looks like that (being opposite of our own selves)!


      • That’s very true. It reminds me of a quote “O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another.” Which is a quote from the Quran about loving each other and appreciating and learning from differences.

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  1. That is a great picture! You guys are very brave to just hop in your motor home and hit the road. I have a good friend who did that. She thought they would be doing it till they couldn’t drive anymore. But three years into it they ended up just parking up in South Dakota, and at five years they came home and had to start all over again since they’d sold everything. I think they were glad to be back. How long have you guys been on the road?


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