Getting to Know YOU

1. What do you prefer to be called?  I prefer to be called Debbie.
2. What is your favorite memory? Helping my daughter deliver her first child.
3. What is your talent or quirk?  No talents, but my quirk is that I turn on contemporary Christian music whenever I am alone – or with someone else who will enjoy it with me.
4. In one sentence, what is your blog about? I have two blogs: contains my husband’s and my journey after we remarried (from divorce) and where we now travel full time in our motorhome. The second one is my own personal journey, It’s about my journey in life where I want to share LIFE, by Love, Inspiring, help (to have Freedom) and Encouraging others.
5. What did you want to be when you were a child? I wanted to be a nurse by the time I was 12. But when I nearly failed biology in the 10th grade, that dream was gone. While in college, I decided I wanted to be a lawyer, but I couldn’t afford it when it was time to apply to law school. I held numerous great jobs until I finally grew up at age 32 and became a Federal Law Enforcement agent.
6. What do you want to accomplish before you die?  To be cherished by my grandchildren when I am old and they are mature adults.
7. What is your greatest strength? I am an encourager.
8. What are two things you would like others to know about you? I have lived in three countries, lived in 6 different states in the USA, traveled to and visited more cities in the USA than I can count, and I have traveled to (work related) Bangkok, Thailand; Manila Philippines; Jakarta, Indonesia; Islamabad, Pakistan; and have been “laid over” in Tokyo, London, Singapore and Abu Dhabi! What a life!
9. Is there anything else? I have really enjoyed Blogging 101! I may not have picked up too many new followers (but more than I imagined) but I have begun following a total of 62 blogs-last count! YIKES, no more time to blog if I pay the attention to these amazing people like I would like. But I am WIFI deficient and my 15 GB plan is too expensive to add any more.

3 thoughts on “Getting to Know YOU

  1. I think it’s awesome that you remarried after divorce. How long was your divorce? Are you both happier now?

    I love the LIFE abbreviation.

    How do you like being a Federal Law Enforcement agent? How does that different from a police officer? (I know that’s probably an insult. I’m sorry! I know very little about the law enforcement careers)

    Grandchildren are wonderful. Or so I imagine.

    Wow! You have been to soooooo many places! That is so cool! Where was your favorite place to be?

    Oh man, I hear you on the “Oh my! I’m following so many people” front. I feel so bad because I still haven’t commented on as many posts as I wanted. I don’t know if I’ve even visited everyone. I admit, that’s part of the reason why I made this questionnaire. I’m starting to get people mixed up, and it makes me feel terrible!

    Also, just as an FYI: I had a hard time reading this post because of the font. I love it, but I think it might be better suited on headlines rather than body paragraphs. It could be just me though.

    I look forward to getting to know you! Has the second grandbaby come yet? Wasn’t the due date yesterday or today?


    • All great questions! And I’m getting mixed up on some as their blog name and then their name are different-like mine! Lol I’ve fixed the font! I didn’t realize that happened! My job was more like a detective than a “beat” cop. I was given a crime to solve in essence! I loved it! We work closely with the local police. Our jurisdiction was for federal jurisdiction. But some crimes were both local and Federal. Or State crimes (ie state police). Maybe I’ll write a blog about it! I filed for divorce in August and we remarried the next August. But we had moved states apart as soon as the divorce was final in December. So it was a miracle we got back together. Oh are we happy!!! That’s sort of part of my Lifetime of Forgiveness! I guess I need to blog about that, too! It’s better now than our first 13 years. But we were truly best friends and shocked everyone when it happened. Trust was broken and that takes a lifetime to restore. But it has been….it takes forgiveness and I did blog about that one. I’ll post the link as it was one of the most read blogs on Favorite place is a tie between the Philippines and Thailand! We never knew a love so deep as for our grandson-and our son in law, a reluctant dad says now, too! Today is the due date! First grandson’s 2nd birthday is in 2 days. I want them born on same day! My daughter doesn’t. That day is also my mom’s 92 birthday and our 26th wedding anniversary! You’re questionnaire was so cool! Love how it turned into a blog! But initially it confused me! I mostly use my iPhone. Things show up differently. I go online when I have free wifi….and I wanted to see how your questionnaire looked. Yikes, I was horrified at how hard to read. I did fix on my iPhone in the HTML. I haven’t looked at the fix yet! I’m learning so much! Sent from my iPhone



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