Laramie, WY – Part 2

It will be years before we get to Wyoming. So here is a hike we will do when we get there! This is a couple that share our same hiking and exploring passions!

Oh, the Places They Go!

Laramie, WY

The nimble hiker did some intense research and found a great hike for us on our final day in the Laramie area.  We headed west on UT-130 for about 30 miles to the Snowy Range.  The Snowy Range is the northern extension of the Medicine Bow Mountains, a range in the Rocky Mountains that extend for 100-mile from northern Colorado into southern Wyoming.

From a distance it is easy to see where the name Snowy Range came from.  While they appear to be covered with snow most of the color is from the rocks above the tree line.  But there is a bit of snow pack remaining as well.

The Snowy Range from a distance

For most of the trip we drove through rolling hills of prairie grass.  Many pronghorns were enjoying a late breakfast in the nearby fields.

After passing through the tiny town of Centennial, the road…

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