Coffee date with my dad!

I intended to honor my dad this past August 1. It would have been his 92nd birthday and a few days later was the 16th year since his passing.

I actually dedicated this blog to him, to his memory. Life was so hectic but today, I read this blog, Mind and Life Matters. It was recommended to write about an imaginary coffee date with a deceased loved one. I picked my dad. My dad loved his coffee-and I’m a coffee drinker, too.

Hey dad! I’m in town so thought I’d drop in for a cup of coffee?

I’m on my second pot of coffee today, but I’ll brew a fresh pot for you.

It’s good to see you. I’m sorry I don’t get here often enough. I’m sad we had to move away, but at least I get in town occasionally. How are you doing?

Oh, you know me, waiting for my ship to come in….and just listening to the pundits on C-Span in between Rush Limbaugh’s program.

I’m glad I’m understanding you better now that I listen to Rush! He is the voice of reason, isn’t he? Β Let me update you on Jessica. I know she misses you terribly! Β She’s turned into an amazing woman. Her career is going so well! She’s recognized yearly for her accomplishments. She’s been married for nearly 6 years and has two precious sons. We’ll have to bring them for a visit. You can teach them how to fish!

I knew she was something special since the day I first laid eyes on her-the day she was born!

Oh, dad, you were always there for her! I’m so grateful you and mom moved to be near us after she was born. She still says how real her memories are of the great times you two had!

We loved watching her grow. She was always such a good little girl. She did enjoy our camping at Indian Cove, bike riding, roller blading. And the most fun was when she went canoeing with her uncle! They got drenched didn’t they?

Wanted to make sure I thank you for your military service. After I read the book “Unbroken” I really grew to understand you and what you went through in the war so much better. Β (Silence)

Well, dad, sorry I have to go. I’m so glad I could at least drop in. We really should have chatted more over our coffee…..I miss you and am glad I’m so much like you….it’s keeping your memory alive!

I love you…


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