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I need your help!!! See my poll at the end of this post to help give me some guidance. What do you want to learn more about some random facts?

In my responses to the Versatile Blogging Award, I had to share some random facts about myself. I’ve been trying to think of a way to add this interesting info about myself – but wasn’t sure how to “fit” it into this blog. I’m privileged to have lived and worked in many different states and countries!

You may be aware, my husband and I have a travel blog about our RV trips, which started as a marriage blog. Then I started this blog as a way to record and keep a “spiritual” blog of sorts. It is still trying to figure itself out! But, exciting news, I am about to partner with a blogging buddy to see if we can make some headway with my dilemma. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, here are some random facts others have asked me to expand upon.  I now plan to write a weekly or bi-weekly feature about each place I’ve lived or worked in…and with the Lord’s help (I need a miracle),will post some pictures I have from these places:

  • I’ve lived in three countries: USA, Germany, Japan
  • I’ve traveled and/or worked in six countries: Mexico, Canada, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan
  • I’ve had fabulous layovers in four countries: Tokyo (felt like home after living there for three years as a child), London, Singapore, Abu Dhabi
  • I can only speak English, but can talk gibberish with my sister.
  • I have lived in seven USA states: Wyoming, Colorado, Virginia, Pennslyvania, Alabama, New Jersey, Florida
  • I can’t count how many states I have traveled in. One day, I’ll try to count them. The goal is to drive our RV to all lower 48 states on our continent.
  • Bottom line, I’m a wanderlust!

This is now where I need your help and input. Where should I start? What interests you the most? Help me focus and take this

9 thoughts on “New feature: Travels

  1. I enjoy reading your blog. I avoid polls because I can never decide on a choice of answers. I like polls that have an option like “all of the above.” Basically when enjoying a bloggers blog it is because of the variety and freshness of their individual interests and whatever they want to write about.

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