International Travel Introduction

The poll results are in and most people are interested in international travel, but there were enough votes to show me you are interested in other places I’ve lived and traveled.

Until I can access my photos because I do like them in my posts, I will start with a bit of a story. As I’ve said elsewhere, I’ve lived in three countries, seven different states in America, and traveled to several hot spots in the world. But the pictures of my most exciting travels are presently unavailable. So I will paint a picture and borrow one from the www (world wide web).

Yesterday, I took my 92-year-old mom and my stepdad to church. My stepdad is currently under the care of Hospice. He has not been able to get out much since he is now using oxygen. We just arranged for him to have a portable oxygen tank, so off to church we went. Upon arrival, someone ran out to warn us the electricity was out, no air conditioning nor sound system. That was not going to detour us, so into their sweet, small church we went. They had all the doors opened and everyone was using hand fans and their bulletins. Within 15 minutes, the sweat began to pour off of us!

I love this sweet church. Several Filipino families attend in addition to the multi-cultural ethnicity that abounds. One Filipino lady walked by and said, “This is how we attend church at home (in the Philippines).” And instantly, I was transported back overseas to several of my trips.

I attend church nearly every Sunday possible. If I don’t attend, there is a really good reason. And there is a good reason why I attend church every Sunday. You can read here from my other blog as to why this is so important.  Sorry, I digressed.

I loved attending churches when I traveled overseas. And fortunately, I love hot weather and sweating doesn’t bother me.  So the church I went back to was my first international church experience.

It was in September 2000. Our daughter was attending college and I felt the freedom to travel overseas – plus it was an assignment from work. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to travel to Bangkok, Thailand? I would be there for two weeks, so of course, I would be there on a Sunday.  I asked around and found an English speaking church nearby the hotel. I mentioned to some colleagues I would be attending church and happily someone also wanted to attend.

The church had the same open air feel as yesterday. It was such a wonderful time of worship with others who also loved our Lord God, our Heavenly Father. We sang some of the same songs. The main one I remembered, we sang yesterday, “This is the day the Lord has made.”  And yes, with sweat pouring down, we were rejoicing and were being glad in it!

My time in Bangkok introduced me to new sights and sounds. The main impressions I gleaned were from the introduction to Thailand in the airport, “Welcome to the Land of Smiles.” And that we saw.  As we traveled on the Small Teak Boat Canal Adventure, we waved to the children playing on the waters edge and from their houses. All had smiles a mile long!

Teak Boat

Traveler photo, BeaVancover, “canal” Dec 2013

This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

8 thoughts on “International Travel Introduction

  1. Oh that sounded like a lovely time. Good on your stepfather for making it this far! Blessed is he by God!
    Yes, these international stories and how they still relate to your everyday experiences here in the States is amazing. I’m rather impressed as to how much you’ve gotten around 😉

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