Love letters


We are in the final stages of becoming minimalists. While we thought we really were, we did have a 5′ X 10′ storage locker in our hometown and legal residence. When we sold our sticks and bricks home in July 2014, we only had one week to empty it out, due to prior travel obligations. We had 40 years worth of memories in our home, although we had downsized and said we were becoming minimalists when we moved to Florida in 2004. It was a daunting task last year and we ended up having to store some things we just were not ready to part with or we just didn’t have the time to process what to do with these items.

We came back to town three other times and took a few things out, donated a few more things and threw a few things away that were damaged from poor packaging. This month, we returned for a month to help my parents. It became Bill’s job to go through the remaining things and decide to give them away, trash or keep the remains. The goal was for us to only keep three boxes of items (that’s all that will fit in our car and subsequently motorhome). I gave him the freedom to throw away whatever he deemed unworthy of keeping, to donate what he felt would be worthwhile to others, and to keep what he felt we absolutely needed to keep.

IMG_8346He found our love letters from over 40 years ago. We were still young and a bit naive. We lived states apart at the time. We didn’t really understand or know what LOVE is. Our letters were filled with our undying love for each other. I loved his words in one, as I scanned through them. I read one back to him and he couldn’t believe he wrote that letter. We have matured and we now fully understand what LOVE is! But we have not perfected our love for each other. We still have a long ways to go. But this we do know, God is Love (read 1 John 4:7-19), He is the author and perfector of our faith, and without Him, our love is meaningless.

So what to do with the letters?  We threw them in the trash. If it was you, would you continue to hang on to them? We don’t really have the storage space for them. Do we want our daughter to read them? Our grandsons?

Too late, I hear the trashmen….they are gone….


25 thoughts on “Love letters

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  2. I guess if you ever have any doubts about your decision you could always write another love letter to eachother. It would have your maturity and wisdom and it may be something that you and your family would enjoy.☺

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  3. love letters are private and unique (one of a kind) and belong to a bond between two people who share a life or a period of life. No one else was party to the relationship/love that was written in the letters, and there is no reason why anyone else should read them. Private and beautiful thoughts should remain so, and were never meant to be shared by anyone for any reason. At least that is my take on it.

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  4. Oh! I guess it might have been an interesting read for them maybe a few decades later.

    But being a minimalist is higher priority I see.

    I also bid adieu to great number of notebooks. Though I don’t compare them with these love letters.

    I hope you are feeling calm now.

    Love, light and peace ❤

    Anand 🙂

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  5. I am a packrat and dont throw most things, until it accumulates to an extend that I just have to part with it. I used to hold onto letters for the longest time, but later realized that more than the letter it is the relationship that matters. Since you have such a beautiful and mature relationship with your partner, I guess you did the right thing throwing them away…! 🙂

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  6. I guess it is really hard to do, throwing those love letters as they are part of your life. I am sometimes too sentimental but I have learned to let go of things when it is necessary. I love reading old love letters, I guess it just feel it helps to know someone else, it is history and story. Still what is important is you and your husband are together, love letters or no love letters. You are creating and woving story still. God bless to you and your family. 🙂

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  8. I haven’t had to part with mine. It would be hard. I have letter my daddy wrote my mother when he was sixteen. I love it. Glad she kept it in a box of treasures nd keepsakes. I wrote a blog about the skate number 16 that daddy had swiped when they were sixteen.

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