Bhutan Diaries

I’m looking for more great international travel blogs. This one is excellent by my friend Arpita. Enjoy and add a trip to Bhutan to your bucket list! Or maybe move there! What a fabulous country!

Arpita's Travelogue

maxresdefaultBhutan has been on my Bucket-list for the Longest Time! Partly because I have always had a lot of Bhutanese friends, right from my college days. I would hear stories about Bhutan, their culture, lifestyle, and most importantly their Kings and Queens from my friends. I had almost a Narnia like fascination for Bhutan solely from hearing about the place.

My Bhutanese friends were always insisting that I visit Bhutan with them during our Holidays, but somehow it never worked out then. I did promise them that I would visit them as soon as I could.

Well, I did fulfill the promise, even if it took me 6 years to do so..

Honestly Bhutan is beautiful even beyond my wildest imagination. I cannot even begin to describe its beauty. It simply takes your breath away. Bhutan is by far the most beautiful place I have ever visited in my life. The…

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