Update on our minimalistic lifestyle

Here is our latest post from our joint blog.

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IMG_6326 Our 2010 Phaeton QTH and 2013 SRX in Bristol, TN

Our original post seemed to gather lots of interest.  We know this lifestyle is not for everyone.  But this may help others who plan to become full-time travelers or just want to simplify their lives. My young friend, Arpita, asked for an update as she transitions into her new minimalistic lifestyle.  Check out her series, as we really like the way she is doing her “research” as she took on this new way of living.

I have been wondering how it may look to others to say we are minimalists but yet live in what many would consider a “luxurious” 40-foot motorhome and drive a Cadillac (granted it is a small crossover SRX). Both are used, BTW. What appears to be minimalistic to one person may mean something else to another.

What does minimalism mean?  I decided to see what…

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