Quirking with Bogor

I’ve had the privilege to visit Jakarta, Indonesia as well as spent a few days in the “mountains.” I’m looking for bloggers to share their travels to some of the places I have visited…I don’t have any photos from visiting this lovely country.

Twisted Top in Flip Flops

I believe one of the most unique fact of traveling is the different things that you get to witness and experience. Jakarta has always been a mixed experience for me. But the quirk factor will always be a fond memory. Let me introduce to you:

Bogor Botanical Garden

Jakarta, Indonesia

visited in the year 2007

Referred by the natives asKebun Raya Bogor,the garden was first started in 1817 under the government of Dutch East Indies. Over the years, Bogor Botanical Garden has evolved to become one of the prime research center for agriculture and horticulture. Covering an area of 87 hectares, the gardenboasts over 400 species of palm trees, 5,000 trees gathered from around the tropical world, and an orchid house containing 3,000 varieties. Records show that the Bogor Botanical Gardens harbours 3,504 plant species, 1,273 genus in 199 families.

The entire area is exquisite to look at…

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