Discovering Barr al Hikman, Oman- October 2015

While I never traveled to Dubai nor Oman, as part of my job for five years (International Training), I sent many teams of instructors here. They all LOVED it! And now I see why. I took the time to really enjoy this post as well as several others from this My Travel Middle East blogger!

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Barr al Hikman, Oman has been on the “to visit” list for a while and finally a decision was made to spend 48 hours exploring the peninsula.

Barr al Hikman Route Oct2015

Located in the centre of Oman’s East coast in Al Wasta Governate, it is a vast desolate area made up of sabkha (salt flats) and rocky ridges.

There are no tarmac roads or facilities of any sort on this peninsula, Cell phone coverage is non–existent and the tracks and driving conditions are only suitable for 4WD.

A dire warning sign ... A dire warning sign…

Arriving at the GPS point where the track heads away, down into the peninsula, off the Mahout to Shannah road, it was 1am and instead of camping up in the normal place off the main road, the decision was made to press on down the tracks to the southern coastline to set up the camp site.

Traversing this area at night was an…

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