“Common Sins in Marriage”

I’ve written 100 posts for my blog, just can’t find the time or wifi! So here’s a great post today about one of my favorite topics: marriage!

See, there's this thing called biology...

Doug Wilson wrote a good post that I just discovered called Common Sins in Marriage.. I enjoy many of his words, wisdom, and writing, so check him out if you wish.

I should like to elaborate on the gist of what he said in just his opening paragraph, particularly these two sentences. “A woman can and should recognize her individual sins before the Lord; her husband’s overarching responsibility should in no way lessen her sense of personal and individual responsibility. Properly understood, it should have precisely the opposite effect.”

He is speaking of headship here, that “overarching responsibility” that sometimes lands on men. That sometimes crushes them, that sometimes catches them unawares, that sometimes causes them to flee in terror…. Oh dear, I’ve already said too much here.

Anyway, to truly be a man can be very challenging, right? To be a husband and a father, even more so. It’s not…

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