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I love it when a sermon really grabs my heart and inspires me to share it. And that happened today, Palm Sunday, which celebrates Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem.  This account is written in all four gospels so it must be a very important event in the lives of believers: Matthew 21-22, Mark 11-12, Luke 19-20, John 12. But today, he shared from the Gospel of Luke, 19:28-48.

As I turned to these verses, I noted they were not marked. “Interesting, can’t wait to hear this sermon” I whispered to myself.  You see, I have a “Sunday”Bible which I carry to church each Sunday.  I’ve marked it up a lot, and especially mark the scriptures used in the sermons, date it and now that we are traveling, note where I was.

The pastor continues, there is one particular verse not noted in the other three gospels. Luke 19:41:

When He approached Jerusalem, He saw the city and wept over it… 

Wow, as many times as I have read this Gospel and these verses, it never stuck out to me that He WEPT!  I do know the one other time Jesus wept, at the death of his friend, Lazarus, in John 11:35. Nearly everyone knows this verse because it is the shortest verse in the Bible. But it is so important. It shows Jesus’ humanity and his compassion.

I searched for many pictures and videos to find one where it might show Him depicted with tears. I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, but found this tidbit as I searched: “Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem is found very early in Christian art, on 4th century sarcophagi in the gloomy Roman catacombs – perhaps because the early Christians wanted to emphasise this glorious moment rather than the tragedy of the Crucifixion.” (From here.)

But we Christians celebrate this event and it is noted in our Bibles as being a “Triumphant Entry” into Jerusalem. After the sermon today, I liked how one commentator mentioned this really could be called the “Tearful Entry.” And we don’t view the Crucifixion as a tragedy. It shows the ultimate love gift to each one of us and to whoever will accept it, the willingness to die so others can live.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.  John 3:16

So why was Jesus taken to this tearful moment we want to think it a Triumphant Entry? Because He knew how many would reject Him and reject the gift of not only eternal life, but of peace on this earth. And not the warrior type of peace we imagine, just as those who lived in the times of Jesus, but peace in our hearts knowing and understanding why He was sacrificed for us….

Rather than repeat the sermon, I found this short two minute video that really effectively shares the message. But if you can’t watch the video, you can read another Pastor’s notes here. After you watch or read about it, do you understand His tears?

I don’t know about you, but I am viewing today as a bit more of a somber day, a day to really search my heart. Am I living how Jesus deserves me to live after His sacrificial death? I do know I want everyone I know and love to accept Him and His death so they will spend eternity with me….and all my loved ones who are up there waiting for us….


15 thoughts on “Triumphant Entry!

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  2. Hi, Debbie L. Just visiting; haven’t seen you in a while, but I’ve missed some so it might be my fault. Great celebration in the morning – celebrating resurrection for Jesus and for us.

    • Just been caught up in exciting life! I love Easter and what it means to us believers! Haven’t post much here but have done several on our travel blog:
      I’m struggling with multitasking and staying up with all my blogosphere friend’s posts, let alone helping with grammar in Bloggers World! 😥

      • I’ve noticed several regulars are dropping out a bit. Spring doesn’t do a lot toward making some of us want to sit at the computer. As you say, lot out there that is pretty inviting, and one can’t do everything – in spite of the positive speaking lingo. Play your priorities right; I’ll see you when you hop in (hopefully).

      • That’s true. In fact, I’ve been outside a lot! If I can’t do something from my phone, it doesn’t get done….and I can’t really write a blog on it, so not much blogging going on!

  3. That heartache He felt when weeping over Jerusalem. Oh! I can’t imagine. That pain must’ve been more than what I could ever imagine, for I am only human. Mhh.
    But, isn’t it wonderful how tiny bits that skip over our minds can come back and hit us hardest? They leave a mark that we don’t forget. Lord’s word. Some of the best stuff you can read!
    Sorry you were feeling a bit more somber after the message though… :/

  4. Thank you for reading this-one of my favorite posts! I was somber only because this message spoke so clearly to me. But I always have the JOY of the Lord as my strength!

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