Debbie Lees/ Inspire and Be Inspired

What an honor to meet such an inspiring young lady! All I wanted to do was encourage this young aspiring writer who has great hopes and dreams! And look what happened!


Debbie Lees co-author of :  with her husband is a wife, mother and today a grand mother. She and her husband, her life in marriage, her faith in God is truly inspiring and amazing.

She and her husband travels most of the time in their motor home to keep in constant touch with their only daughter, son-in-law and two grand kids. She shares with us her journey, her life in marriage, the hardships and challenges she faced. She hopes to write a book sharing her 40+ years of marriage life with its ups and downs.

This is definitely a must-read interview especially for all the couples out there and those looking forward to be in a relationship.

☆ Who are you? What defines you?

My name is Debbie. I’m first defined by my faith in Jesus Christ. I’m an America of Romanian descent (my dad) and part Irish…

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