I’ve grown to respect Donald Trump


I’m proud to say I’ve voted!

I’ve re-blogged two other EXCELLENT posts  (the first one here and the second one here) that say EVERYTHING I believe about this election and in particular, Donald Trump. But I guess it’s time to add my own words and spin to this as I read about more and more friends who are struggling with voting this year.

First, I never liked Donald Trump, but I’ve disliked Hillary Clinton even more and for longer. Donald had been a non-entity to me. I did watch the Apprentice once to see what the hype was about. I thought it sounded like a great idea to help younger people who aspired to become successful in their careers. It made me at least respect him for this. 

The first time I thought poorly of Donald was during his first divorce. Not only do I hate divorce (I’m a recovering divorcee myself), but so does God:

For I hate divorce,” says the Lord, the God of Israel, “and him who covers his garment with wrong,” says the Lord of hosts. “So take heed to your spirit, that you do not deal treacherously.” Malachi 2:16

But then I saw they worked together to raise their children and they are now three young adults any parent would be proud of! Divorce is hardest on the kids and it affects them and your future grandchildren in ways you can never understand until it’s too late. One of my favorite bloggers, who regrets his stupidity that led to his divorce, just addressed this very issue here.

And then it happened again! Trump divorced his second wife and that left him with one more child to maneuver in life without the benefit of two parents under the same roof. By now, I really didn’t hear much about him and he was even more of a non-entity. To be honest, I didn’t know about his third marriage until he decided to run for President. I have a close family member who has been divorced four times….I’m not one to question what happens in marriages that leads to divorce. I just know it didn’t work for me!

When Donald Trump annouced he was running for President, my very wise husband jumped on board! He said he wanted a non-politician! I was rooting for Allen West! But he said it’s gonna take someone who would stand  up to political corruption and media. And he was right: it’s taken a bombastic self-made billionaire to fight for US (as in United States as well as us Americans). But I still thought he didn’t have the right stuff, and saw how Allen West couldn’t be forceful enough – what it takes to stand up to mainstream media and corrupt politicians. I finally threw my support to Ted Cruz. I liked him because he did buck the mainstream politicians. In the end, he disappointed me….how I wanted him to be a man of his word and come out and say at the Republican Convention, “Vote for Donald Trump.”

Now I have to figure out what Donald Trump is made of as I know I have to support him as there is NO WAY our country can handle 8 more years of Obamacare and all his other failed policies. I really had hope an African-American would unite our racial divide but he’s divided us deeper than ever….almost to the days of the Civil War when brother fought against brother, father against son, neighbor against neighbor. We are students of the Civil War and visit every site we can as we travel (see our travel Blog  – here’s our posts where we have been to Civil War sites).

I was so encouraged when I read a post by Dr. James Dobson – and man my husband and I deeply respect as God used his ministry to begin to help us heal from our divorce. Dr. Dobson was one of 40 some evangelical leaders Donald Trump “courted” early on. He and Franklin Graham have been the most vocal for the same reasons:

I don’t vote for candidates or political parties. I support those who will lead the country righteously, honorably, and wisely. In many ways, this is a single-issue election because it will affect every dimension of American life: the makeup of the Supreme Court. Antonin Scalia’s sudden death made this election the most significant of our lifetime. The next president will nominate perhaps three or more justices whose judicial philosophy will shape our country for generations to come. Dr. James Dobson

You can read here the full details of Dr. Dobson’s encounter at the Trump Tower on June 21st and decide for yourself. I’m agreeing with him that Donald Trump has a sensitive spirit towards things near and dear to my heart.

The next thing that began to make me like Donald Trump were several stories about his “good deeds.” These are stories you will NOT see on CNN (unless they can make $$$ on it), NBC, CBS, ABC or other mainstream outlets. I’ve gone to Twitter for my news as it contains many non-traditional sources of news. My husband said if we really want to know what is going on, to watch the BBC or other outlets outside of the US! Anyway, here’s a few things that show his character and I challenge you to give me a list of PROVEN good works Hillary has done! Her biggest one from her Clinton Foundation was to help Haiti and now we see that was a sham….but I digress, I don’t want to bash her since she is a grandmother after all. But that is about the only redeeming quality I can say about her….

Anyway, please be aware that Donald Trump has NEVER disclosed these good deeds, only the people he helped have come forward. He is a low profile good samaritan! From this website, here’s a list of 21 from this website, but I’ve made it look better and easier to read. And it doesn’t include another GREAT deed that was just published by the recipient, and it will be in my closing comments:

1: Trump flies sick child to hospital
2:Trump flies 200 stranded Marines home
3: Remember that Marine that Mexico held captive? Trump helped him too.
4: Trump intervenes in a mugging/assault, stopping someone from beating a man with a bat
5: Bus driver prevents a suicide, Trump rewards him for it
6: Trump saves old lady’s farm from bankers
7: When Trump Fought the Racists
8: Trump stands up for black rights
9: Couple helps Trump after his limo breaks down, he pays their mortgage off in return
10: Trump saves Ed McMahon’s house, lets him keep living in it
11: Child dies of AIDS, Trump visits his family
12: Trump takes over failing city project, finishes it ahead of schedule and under budget (One that really opened my eyes to how he is a man of his word and how he can beat the red tape of government “in-action”
13: Trump helps terminally ill woman
14: Trump forces city to allow him to fly huge American flag, cuts deal that helps veterans in the process
15: Trump offers woman job at press conference.
16:Trump helps child with bone disease
17: 93 page list of Trump’s donations over 5 years
18: Trump interviewed at Ground Zero of 9/11, brings 200+ of his own workers to aid in search and rescue efforts
19: Trump gives Miss USA, Tara Conner, a second chance after she fails a drug test
20: Trump helps Jim Herman(Pro golfer) reach the Masters
21: Trump helps Newtown business, has them make all his campaign material

It’s interesting that we didn’t hear much negative stuff about Donald Trump until he won the Republican nomination. When popular non-politician Herman Caine announced he was running last election, suddenly allegations that he abused women came out and he disappeared. He was an African-American, conservative and self made millionaire so a real threat.

How interesting, a few women suddenly started appearing around October 1, 2016 claiming they were “victims” of some sort of abuse by Donald Trump. As with Herman Caine, they could have brought their allegations forward a lot sooner. And seeing how Donald Trump is a billionaire, they would have sued him if nothing else! We’re now learning these women were  paid by HRC (or her campaign) to make these false allegations….oops, I am digressing again….

So my final good deed is to share about Pastor Saeed Abidini who has just let the world know how Donald Trump supported him and his family. The American Pastor became a hostage in Iran in 2012 and was one of the four hostages released in January 2016:

In January, questions arose when the release of four Americans imprisoned in Iran coincided with a $400 million cash payment from the U.S. to the Iranian government.

While controversy still lingers around that payment, the fact remains that these Americans were ultimately freed from what’s been described as “Iran’s most notorious prison.” From Washington Post on January 16, 2016

Pastor Saeed’s wife was her husband’s best advocate to try to get him released. Donald Trump heard her pleas and this was his response in 2013:saeedtweet

They did meet and he gave her $10,000 to help her and her children. Pastor Saeed is now telling the world he has just voted for Donald Trump and he says how much he appreciated his support. Interestingly, he also commented how Donald stayed in touch with his family but his family never heard from the Secretary of State…and that is one of the jobs to help Americans stranded held hostage overseas! Not to mention, to protect them and our Ambassadors….

In the end, all I can say is that Donald Trump has picked a fabulous Vice President that shows the world he is serious about the the Pro-life stand and religious liberty for our country. I’ve listened to Mike Pense speak at a recent rally and he is one amazing and refreshing politician. All off the cuff remarks and no teleprompter. I’m encouraged and hopeful that America will return to it’s roots and once again will be a leader in the free  world.




4 thoughts on “I’ve grown to respect Donald Trump

  1. Being an Aussie Debbie, I don’t know a lot about American Politics but I have heard good and bad reports about Donald Trump during your Elections, so I’m very Thankful to receive this summery now about him.

    How good it would be Debbie if you did another Post about Donald Trump as your new President, sharing again the Loving deeds he has done that only a few probably know about and no doubt it is why Hillary Clinton did as well as she did. I believe that America has a President now that they can be proud of, so lets support Donald Trump in what ever way we can, especially with Prayer. Has he always been right, Have We? past is past, now is important and the future.

    What about Divorce, well it’s not always a two way decision, yes it does take two to Marry but One alone can choose not to forgive and hold onto bitterness and resentment, One alone can choose to walk away, One alone can choose not to be Committed, One alone can seek and obtain a Divorce instead of resolving conflict. I found this to be True in my Marriage, I don’t believe in Divorce now and I never did even though I have been Divorced before I became a Christian, but it was still not my choice, I couldn’t have a Baby and he wanted one.

    Where we a fly on the wall in Donald Trumps Home, do we really know why he was Divorced and who investigated it.

    But regardless even if it was his choice, I would never have voted for Hillary or anyone else that is a member of Emily’s list, they advocate Pro Choice including late term Abortions and also have other soul damaging agendas, they are all part of their Constitution and to be a member and to have their support, you must agree with what they propagate. Hillary may be a Grandmother but she is willing that other people’s Grandchildren are Aborted even just before Birth.

    Thanks again Debbie – Christian Love Always – Anne.

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    • Thank you so much for your comments! I am now in the process of writing an update, now that my choice for President has won! Oh, it’s been so contentious here, so I been distracted, fact checking things and researching MoveOn dot org (I don’t want to put the link in here, thus the spelled out dot!). They have bragged on their website, THEY got Obama elected! And I think they reassured Hillary she would also win, but alas, she didn’t. The back lash is from this organization that is advertising to hire people to “protest.” I’m so glad I have my faith, as I know one thing, Jesus is on the Throne and He is my King, Lord and Savior. Donald Trump will be my president and for that I am hoping he improves our economy, lowers taxes, and appoints Supreme Court Justices who will respect life from conception!!!


  2. I will be looking forward to reading your update Debbie, God bless you greatly for standing up for His Truth. God also asks who will contend with Him against evil and this we all need to do instead of calling evil good and good evil as even some Christians are doing today by their ignoring His guidelines, which are also for our Protection.

    Blessings – Anne.


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