Victory in the Valley!

We have been distracted by our obsession with conquering heart disease! Let’s take a break from that series and see what is really carrying us forward. I can hardly contain my excitement about a dear friend who entered into the Valley of the Shadow of Death years ago. She came out claiming VICTORY!! Actually, she went in declaring VICTORY….

If you have followed our Adventure Travel Blog, you may remember we are now minimalists. To finally adopt our dream lifestyle, Bill sold his dearly beloved motorcycle (click the link to see a picture of it) and I had to get rid of all my books!!! Ouch, it hurt us both. I’ve been a lover of books for as long as I can remember….

A VERY dear friend called me a while ago to let me know she was FINALLY writing the book I had wanted years ago. How sad I had to temper my enthusiasm with the fact, books are practically banned from our motor home as we just don’t have the spare room (Bill knows if you give an inch, I’ll take a dozen books!).

Thankfully, I agreed to help her in promoting it after she offered me a free book since she did casually mention me in it (once or twice – guess I need to read it again). But this is not about promoting my friend or me, it is about promoting our Lord and Savior, our Healer, our Redeemer, our King of Kings, our Abba Father, and our connection as Forever Sistas in the Lord!

I can hardly contain my excitement over this book! I finished reading it while in the waiting room for my yearly physical exam. It was so great, I sat right there and tapped out my Amazon Review on my iPhone. Now, this was a bit unlike me. I cherish opportunities to talk to people in waiting rooms. But I was ready to read Chapter 7 for the seventh secret, I just had to read it as I knew there would be a wait – this popular doctor spends so much time with each of us, she is always running late! But I was prepared….

After my exam and as I was leaving, a woman asked if she could take a picture of the cover of the book. She said she has been reading Psalm 23 since she is going through a valley. And she needs help to go through it, not around it. I ended up giving her my copy. Stay tuned to learn more about this very DIVINE appointment. It will shock you how our Lord and Savior is in control of our lives, whether we believe it or not!

Who is my friend? She is someone who NEVER wants to limelight. We worked on a number of amazing community events. The only role she ever wanted at the end of all the hard work to make it a successful event, was to be in the prayer room we had set up (for ALL of our events). And she was one of the LEADERS! She never wanted to be acknowledged. All she wanted was to see the Lord touching lives. And that is the heart of the woman who is opening up her own journey as she battled breast cancer.


Diana Furr, founder of Champions of Destiny

From her blue-collar beginnings, DIANA FURR climbed corporate ladders to eventually touch that “rarified” air at the top – as a business leader, consultant, and executive coach to CEOs and leadership teams . . . in growing nonprofit charities all the way to Fortune 500s. It wasn’t until halfway through her adult life that she met and fell in love with Jesus . . . finally realizing Who was behind her many successes, and Who had kept her business and personal “valleys” from taking her beyond The Point of No Return. Now, as Founder of Champions of Destiny, Diana writes, speaks, and provides high-impact leadership and life coaching to Christian Women of Influence – business owners, executives, and ministry leaders throughout the U.S. . . . inviting these often successful, driven, high-achieving women into a “safe place” where they can be real about the challenges they face – in leadership and life – and be encouraged, equipped and empowered to have the greater impact they’re meant to have . . . as Ambassadors of the One who has given them their unique and powerful platform.

Let me just share my review of this book. It is about to be published world wide, May 1, 2017. is taking advanced orders, for the paperback or Kindle Version. Be sure to only buy from Amazon as we have learned there are other sellers who claim to have it cheaper – which is impossible! Please note, there are 15 reviews on there so far, written by people the author provided advanced copies to – and note our excitement and the diversity of our opinions!

I’ve been waiting for this book, for years! The author is a dear friend, sister in the Lord and a mentor to me. When Diana’s cancer journey first began, a group of friends (we called ourselves the Sistas) met with her to pray and for our Lord to show us what her next medical decisions would be. She always seemed to start our time together by bringing out a notepad, then said, “Let me read to you what the Lord showed me today….” Then she’d read the scriptures that went along with her revelations. We realized Diana had a special gift of journaling her conversations with the Lord about this life threatening journey-we encouraged her to start an on-line blog so others could follow along! You see, she was glowing, smiling, sharing the Peace that passes understanding! She was so inspiring through her valley. Many times I would share her story with others who were battling cancer, or even just in a valley. There was a point where we realized her journal should become a book. But how and when? We waited and waited….Then I moved away.
I recently asked, “Oh, when Lord, will Diana’s story/journal ever become a book?” I kept meeting people who needed to hear her story, in a concise format.
The excitement was overwhelming when she recently called me with the news – the book is coming out! And a few days later, she sent me an advance copy. I wanted to read it that night-which I’ve been known to do with a really good book….but the subtitle contained these words, “Savoring Life’s Best” which spoke to me. “Savor this book.” It took me a week! By the end of Secret #7, I had to gobble up the “final” chapters….WOW WOW WOW! It was worth the wait!

I’d like to share another friend of Diane’s review, who said she wanted to give it 10 stars but amazon limits the ratings to five stars.

Millions of books have been written to guide us with worldly logic and general principles. A precious few books are available that, empowered by His Holy Spirit, give God’s perspective. Those invaluable insights are received only when the author has delighted in His Word and prioritized abiding in Him.

Diana Furr invites us to walk with her on her journey to receive God’s perspective when our world is shattered. Victory in the Valley is one of those treasured books that link us with the living God and give us a perspective that is far beyond what our natural responses would be! And yet, we recognize the eternal wisdom and divine truth in each of the seven counter cultural secrets she lists! Her words ring with authority because Diana has walked the path of suffering, heard doctors’ pessimistic words, looked in the mirror at a patchwork quilt body, experienced personal failure – and yet cried out to God with praise and submission and a desire that He use everything for His purposes! 

What a treasure Victory in the Valley is! I most highly recommend this book to everyone who seeks a life that reflects and honors Jesus, in the best of times, and in the worst! You can be assured that God will use this book for His purposes and bless the reader beyond reason! by Carol Van

Click on the pictures below for a quick slide show with a few excepts about the book:

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I hope to add more excerpts from the book as the Lord shows me more things to help me be an Overcomer and someone who SAVORS Life’s Best!!!

What’s next? Only our Lord knows….


2 thoughts on “Victory in the Valley!

  1. Great post!!! I am so thankful you shared Diana’s story with me, another cancer fighter, and told me about her book. My copy of this book is on its way…..I can’t wait!!
    God is so active in our lives!! Praise you Lord for all you do and bless this sweet lady for sharing Your works through her!!

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    • I just can’t help but share her story! I just shared a book with a doctor in the asked where he could buy it. I just happen to have a spare copy, said gave it to him! He has patients fighting cancer. He can’t wait to read it!


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