The Fast

I’m referencing this in my new blog post “Prayer and Fasting.” This article taught me what I needed to know to start fasting regularly with my prayer and quiet time with the Lord!

Achor Valley Farm

glass of water

I wanted to share my latest effort in seeking out answers to my undiagnosed health issues.  I write this for those of you who may also be encountering an unwanted chronic health condition.  As a nurse I also feel like the safest thing to say, at this point, is that if you attempt fasting for health  reasons that you need to do so after consulting your physician.

As a christian, fasting has been something that I have done at times when I have had a heavy heart about some situation that needs divine intervention.  I have NEVER fasted for my own needs but only for the needs of family and friends.  I have always fasted in secret and later have  shared the amazing answers that I have received after God has intervened.  I have been a little conflicted about sharing this part of my search for healing because I believe strongly…

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