Clara needs prayers! Updated with Part 5

Nothing tugs at our heart strings more than a child in need! One of my nieces, Rachel, has been a good friend to Clara’s mom, Lori since 2007. They met in Mexico while serving as teachers after college. Eventually, both accepted teaching positions in Colorado Springs. And then both went on to have three children each. Eventually, as is common in our culture, both of their families moved apart but they are “virtually” connected!

Clara turns 11 on March 26, 2020. Rachel’s mom, my dear sister-in-law Linda, has been kept up to date on Clara’s life since meeting her a few years ago. Linda has a memory of seeing Clara, her little sister Ana Cecilia and Linda’s grand daughter, Hadassah, running and playing on their farm. No one suspected an unknown and undiagnosable disease was lurking in both Clara and Ana Cecilia.

Lori has been trying to tell Clara’s story. It’s really hard. Have you ever been on a journey and were so busy, you never had time to record any events? Then six years later, someone says, “I’m about to go on that same journey, tell me about yours.” You draw a blank. Where do you start? Especially when you thought the journey was taking you to “happily ever after” but it turned out to be a desert, full of scorching and unrelenting heat. That is Lori’s story. She has started an after the fact video diary of hers and her families journey of faith. You see, they know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. They know God is in control. They know Clara said, “God must know I am really strong to go through this.” Clara knows Jesus! This is a homeschooling family with a deep rooted faith.

You can start listening here for Part 1 – How it all began. 

Part 2 – Clara’s Story

Part 3 – The Worst Day of My Life

Part 4 – Clara’s Story

Part 5 – Just a Bit of Hope

To help a little, here is a brief summary I have gleaned from listening to her videos. Since so many of us are now in quarantine, perhaps God will allow you to listen to Lori’s videos to help you fall in love with this little girl and her family. We are looking for prayer warriors to join us pray and fast for Clara’s 11th birthday!

The first indication Clara may have a hidden disease began at age 4, with cataracts. It baffled everyone. The medical community said the only option was surgery. Lori is a believer in first seeking “natural” cures. So her wonderful doctor “humored” her and said try it. So that began the quest for diet and lifestyle changes, to no avail. Lori knew once a child that young has eye surgery, only more issues will be down the road. But when Clara ran into a wall, they knew it was time for the surgery. And thus began a downward and slow spiral for her health.

The family has had genetic testing twice which all came back with no indications of a hereditary disease. Both Clara and Ana Cecelia have been entered into a rare and undiagnosed childhood disease study group. There was hope this could be beneficial, but it basically has become somewhat hopeless.

Lori and her husband, Aaron, went through a number of family moves to try to do what was best for Clara. Her videos tell of their journey from Colorado Springs back to Texas, thinking being at “sea level” might help after a family trip to California gave them some hope. After a short nine month move, they needed more help. Aaron’s parents opened their home in California. That is their new but temporary home until they know what is next in their lives.

Currently, precious Clara is now bedridden and unable to communicate.  Ana Cecelia has begun to exhibit the same symptoms. This family’s only hope now is divine intervention. My sister-in-law felt called to help organize a 24 hour prayer and fasting vigil. If you want to participate on-line, leave a comment. We will need to see your “profile” to become a participant in our closed FaceBook setting. HOWEVER, you are welcome to join us where ever you are and in whatever capacity the Lord leads you to do for precious Clara and her family. Here is our event outline: 

Prayer and Fasting Event Summary!

WHO is participating on March 25:

Family, friends, acquaintances and anyone who has a heart for this family after learning about their plight. There will be prayer leaders praying live in a prayer time block(s). Prayer participants will pray in agreement with leaders

WHO is this FOR: 

Clara Lusk, Ana Cecilia, Isaac, Aaron and Lori Lusk, Grandparents and extended family

WHAT are we doing?

PRAYER and Fasting

WHERE are we doing this?

Meeting together on a closed FaceBook group site dedicated to Clara Lusk’s Birthday Blessing Through Prayer and Fasting Event. Also, possible small group meetings with prayer leaders at their selected location! If you are a prayer leader and have other people in the area that you would like to have over to your house during your prayer time, you can definitely do that!

* IF you cannot participate on the Facebook site but indicated you will be praying and fasting: Thank You! You ARE a part of the team and labor of love. Pray in your prayer closet!


March 25, 2020 

FROM: 12:00 (midnight) to 11:59 p.m PACIFIC TIME



Pray in the name of Jesus Christ.

Start your prayer time with praise and thanksgiving.

Make time to pause for reflection and confess sin.

Supplication: Make your requests known unto God.

Use the Word of God as your basis of requests.

Bring meaning and pertinent promises and principles from the Scriptures into your conversation (prayer) with the Lord. Psalm 126:5-6 “Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy. He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow, (Luke 8:11) will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with him.”


Ask for complete physical healing for Clara and Ana Cecilia;

Protection for this family; strength, wisdom and direction for their future.

That God will supply all their needs: concrete help, finances


Join in as you are ABLE and LED by the Holy Spirit. Ideally, if you are able, fast from food and calorie packed liquids for this period of time! There are various other ways you may fast: one meal, a certain type of food(s)/drink, an activity. The purpose of fasting is to squash the FLESH and feed the Spirit! What we are saying to God is: I mean business here and I am desperate for YOU! I DESIRE for you to work in this area so that your name is honored and glorified. Let your WILL be done. If you fast in any matter related to food/drink and do not spend time drawing near to God, what you are merely doing is a diet!

WHY are we doing this: 

To honor and glorify God. “Oh great and powerful God, whose name is the Lord Almighty, great are your purposes and mighty are your deeds.” Jeremiah 32:18b-19a.

To bear one another’s burdens in behalf of the Lusk family To ask for healing of Clara and Ana Cecilia To allow God to use this labor of love as a springboard in those who are participating in fulfilling (Mark 16:15-18).

****NOTE:***** IF some cyber crash or confusion comes to our designated group site and you can not get on…just continue to PRAY & FAST as you had planned! Don’t let anything stop you.

To learn a little more about my sister-in-law, Linda and her heart for this mission and why she’s included FASTING, please click here.


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