Retirement – Two different styles

What an honor to be asked to share our retirement story by another well-published blogger! Thanks Maddy!

Retirement – A Tale of Two Cities – It was the best of times, it was the worst of times – As told by the Tumble Lees, full-time RVers looking for adventure

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Changing Our Minds, Part 3

I’ve been sidetracked with our oldest grandson. So am “cheating” by reblogging this post from my husband’s and my Travel Adventure blog.

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ChangeIs it possible to change after a crisis? According to one scientific study, not many people do. This research was conducted on 3,700 people (for more research on “change”, visit National Institute for Health.) Actually, I’ve attempted to quote the pastor at the church we attended last week,

Could you change if it was really important? A study of 3,700 people who were diagnosed with high cholesterol determined only one in 10 can….They were told for their health, they need to take one pill a day. By the 3rd month, 1/2 had stopped taking the pill to lower it. Then, a year later, only 1/3 continued to take the life-saving medicine. The reason? The pills reminded them they were sick. So the bottom line was, they didn’t resist the change, they resisted being changed.

We couldn’t believe the sermon this week sounded like what we needed from the sermon…

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Changing our minds, Part 2

Another crazy and busy week. So here is latest post from my other blog.

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IMG_8543 (1) Our site on Saturday. Forgot to take a picture with the blue sky!

Warning: This post contains sensitive matters related to our marriage and spiritual lives.

We arrived in Myrtle Beach on Friday, October 9. The weather was beautiful, as it usually is after a storm. In this case, Hurricane Joquin. We liked our site and got settled in quickly. Then off for a three-mile walk on the beautiful beach. We had a wonderful sunset and visited with neighbors. All and all, a great first day.

Saturday, the rain began. Could this campground handle it? While there had been some flooding with the hurricane, it had dried by the time we arrived. And yes, thankfully it and the area survived another full day of rain. We managed to get in another three-mile walk before it started. We decided with as many campers we saw, we best get to Camping…

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Guest Post – Can you have a Perfect Marriage?

What an honor to be invited to share our marriage story, in a way to help young marrieds, or those who want to marry!
Please check out my precious friend, Arpita’s blog!

The Perfect Bride, Now how to have the perfect marriage? The Perfect Bride, Now to have the perfect marriage?

We had it all! Our dream careers, making good incomes, a beautiful custom built home in a great climate with a swimming pool, a beautiful healthy daughter, our health and we were a match made in heaven!

So we thought. After 13 years of marriage, working hard and supporting each to obtain our dream jobs, we divorced. Everyone was shocked. We were the “perfect couple” since we didn’t fight, we seemed to like the same things and we just were a fun couple to be around because we didn’t seem to have any issues.

But we did have issues. And these are the same issues we now see in most marriages that seem to be struggling.

We love sharing about our marriage, our failures, and our successes. We have a story to tell and we happily share it. We married young…

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Love letters


We are in the final stages of becoming minimalists. While we thought we really were, we did have a 5′ X 10′ storage locker in our hometown and legal residence. When we sold our sticks and bricks home in July 2014, we only had one week to empty it out, due to prior travel obligations. We had 40 years worth of memories in our home, although we had downsized and said we were becoming minimalists when we moved to Florida in 2004. It was a daunting task last year and we ended up having to store some things we just were not ready to part with or we just didn’t have the time to process what to do with these items.

We came back to town three other times and took a few things out, donated a few more things and threw a few things away that were damaged from poor packaging. This month, we returned for a month to help my parents. It became Bill’s job to go through the remaining things and decide to give them away, trash or keep the remains. The goal was for us to only keep three boxes of items (that’s all that will fit in our car and subsequently motorhome). I gave him the freedom to throw away whatever he deemed unworthy of keeping, to donate what he felt would be worthwhile to others, and to keep what he felt we absolutely needed to keep.

IMG_8346He found our love letters from over 40 years ago. We were still young and a bit naive. We lived states apart at the time. We didn’t really understand or know what LOVE is. Our letters were filled with our undying love for each other. I loved his words in one, as I scanned through them. I read one back to him and he couldn’t believe he wrote that letter. We have matured and we now fully understand what LOVE is! But we have not perfected our love for each other. We still have a long ways to go. But this we do know, God is Love (read 1 John 4:7-19), He is the author and perfector of our faith, and without Him, our love is meaningless.

So what to do with the letters?  We threw them in the trash. If it was you, would you continue to hang on to them? We don’t really have the storage space for them. Do we want our daughter to read them? Our grandsons?

Too late, I hear the trashmen….they are gone….


New feature: Travels

Brookgreen Gardens

I need your help!!! See my poll at the end of this post to help give me some guidance. What do you want to learn more about some random facts?

In my responses to the Versatile Blogging Award, I had to share some random facts about myself. I’ve been trying to think of a way to add this interesting info about myself – but wasn’t sure how to “fit” it into this blog. I’m privileged to have lived and worked in many different states and countries!

You may be aware, my husband and I have a travel blog about our RV trips, which started as a marriage blog. Then I started this blog as a way to record and keep a “spiritual” blog of sorts. It is still trying to figure itself out! But, exciting news, I am about to partner with a blogging buddy to see if we can make some headway with my dilemma. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, here are some random facts others have asked me to expand upon.  I now plan to write a weekly or bi-weekly feature about each place I’ve lived or worked in…and with the Lord’s help (I need a miracle),will post some pictures I have from these places:

  • I’ve lived in three countries: USA, Germany, Japan
  • I’ve traveled and/or worked in six countries: Mexico, Canada, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan
  • I’ve had fabulous layovers in four countries: Tokyo (felt like home after living there for three years as a child), London, Singapore, Abu Dhabi
  • I can only speak English, but can talk gibberish with my sister.
  • I have lived in seven USA states: Wyoming, Colorado, Virginia, Pennslyvania, Alabama, New Jersey, Florida
  • I can’t count how many states I have traveled in. One day, I’ll try to count them. The goal is to drive our RV to all lower 48 states on our continent.
  • Bottom line, I’m a wanderlust!

This is now where I need your help and input. Where should I start? What interests you the most? Help me focus and take this



 It’s been hard to do much blogging, so decided to just explain what is going on. We’ve seen about every life event this year, with the best and most recent, the birth of our second grandson. And we just joyously celebrated our first grandson‘s second birthday a few days before his baby brother was born.

We are living a life most dream of: Loving our lifestyle as full-time RVers, traveling to and fro as we please (or do we?). We even selected a nickname to define our dream, calling ourselves the TumbleLees. A play on the word tumbleweeds with our last name, Lees.

You can catch up with our travels on our one year anniversary and itinerary on our joint blog here: TheTumbleLees. We wrote this anniversary post just two months ago. And at that time, the reality of this year had not yet hit us….

We mentioned in that post, we received the phone call no one wants, a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer and the diagnosis is not good, two to six months life expectancy. My husband and I have both lost our dads to cancer. So we know what is coming.

We are fortunate in that both of our mother’s are still alive. Bill’s mom is 94. She just moved into an assisted living center. We spent two weeks with her right before her move. While we rejoice she is in good enough health to be there and not in a nursing home, it was still a hard decision.

My mom is 92. She is in pretty good health, her mind is sharp and clear, but she has been legally blind for about 15 years. It wasn’t that long after my dad passed her vision began to deteriorate. She was so fortunate to meet and marry a wonderful man just over 12 years ago.

At this time, I’m not at liberty to say much more about this, just to say, we are headed back to spend quality time with family. We’ve had to store our RV and we packed up a few necessities to stay in a relative’s home.

Not all adventures are hiking in mountains, combing beaches, sightseeing, or visiting historic places. Sometimes the adventures are all about family! That’s how 2015 is turning out.

One of my favorite scriptures, I discovered in 1999, through not only my dad’s passing, but his death coincided with my dear brother-in-law’s unexpected and untimely death. I’m using The Message version:

All praise to the God and Father of our Master, Jesus the Messiah! Father of all mercy! God of all healing counsel! He comes alongside us when we go through hard times, and before you know it, he brings us alongside someone else who is going through hard times so that we can be there for that person just as God was there for us. We have plenty of hard times that come from following the Messiah, but no more so than the good times of his healing comfort—we get a full measure of that, too. (2 Corinthians 1:3-5)

From my Chapter 3 “OK, we forgave each other, now what?”

But my question was now that Bill and I forgave each other, for all the pain, hurt and wrong doing in our marriage that caused us to divorce, what do we do next?  For Bill, it was a no brainer, “Let’s re-marry!”  Whoa, not so fast!!!  We forgave each other and now could be “friends” […]

Our latest adventure!

Our latest adventure!

Here’s our news, as posted on our Adventure Travels blog.

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Grandson #2 Don’t we look happy?

Words just can’t explain the JOY of a new born baby, especially when he was delivered before my eyes (Debbie) last night, August 22, 2015. He is his big brother’s twin, born nearly two years apart, born at the same hour, weighing nearly the same as well as the height! What fun we are going to have! And we thank God for his safe delivery, for how excellent his health is and how strong our daughter was to endure so much pain. Fortunately it was only for a few hours.

Our #1 grandson was with his paternal granny. Yay, she and her fiancé had a great time with him and the family puppy dog (nine years old but a 9 pound miniature dachshund). It’s great to have family close by to help out.

What was wild was that Bill ran errands while me, my son-in-law and…

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