President Elect Trump!

Created by my sister-n-law

Created by my sister-in-law

Needless to say, I feel triumphant about President Elect Donald Trump. I’m thankful to my dear sister in Christ, Anne, who asked me to give an update. I don’t want to gloat over it, though. You see, four years ago and eight years ago, my candidates lost. I understand the feeling of defeat and that my world would never be the same. But we survived. How many of us can say we’re capable of this:

Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.” Romans 12:15

All I can say, is, I understand! I begin voting in 1971, so this year was my 12th vote in a presidential election. Seven times, I voted for the winner and five times I voted for the loser.  So like most Americans, I have seen what it is like to win and to lose. Most of my losses were as a full time working mother, so I was voting for my daughter’s future as well. That ups the stakes when winning and losing. Our families have lost financial ground these last eight years. The worst thing we went through was when her husband was laid off as his second child was about to be born. Stories like his abound!

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Campground Churches

Church Service

What a great welcome sign!

My mom and step-dad, Cliff, were full-time RVers for a short season, right after they married.  When Bill and I decided to start RVing, Cliff became our mentor. He had owned all types of RVs for decades. He and his first wife, Hazel, traveled regularly in them. He was a wealth of information and helped us a lot as we began our RV journey.

One of my main concerns with going “full-time” was what about church? We were faithful members and attenders after God restored our marriage. I couldn’t imagine traveling away from our church for more than a week or two.  Cliff was a man of faith and was also a loyal member of a local congregation. He simply said, “most campgrounds have Sunday services.” Continue reading