Heart Disease: Debbie


We’re visiting Bill’s brother, David, and wife, Linda.

“I’ve lost 100 pounds!” Yep, this is Debbie talking. No one ever believes me when I would say this. But I’ve said this many times during my 20s and 30s. No one ever knew me when I was 100 pounds overweight. You see, I’d have to clarify my statement by saying, “I’ve lost 10 pounds 10 times.”

I’ve always said I just have a “slow metabolism.” I started watching what I ate in High School and maintained my weight so I was 110 pounds when I graduated (at 5’4″ tall). Then I went away to college and gained the “freshman 15” but for me it was the Freshman 25! And then it began, gaining and losing. In my 30s I discovered exercise so for 20 years, kept my weight under control. I say all this to say, I was a pro in losing weight. And then I hit the 50s. It got to a point where I just gave up and said, “This is what happens to women in our 50s.”

Now Bill on the other hand, at 6’2″ and large boned, always ate whatever he wanted and was never concerned about his weight. Until his 60s. He thought diets were a waste of time and never saw anyone really succeed in their diets. Actually, he saw me struggle a few times so he knew how unsuccessful dieting is. And then he resolved, “I guess this is what happens in our 60s.” Continue reading